Almost ½ of all women will experience pain in their low back or pelvic region at some point in their pregnancy. While there are many causes for this, two common ones are loss of support from the expanding abdomen and laxity of the joints of the pelvis (sacroiliac and/or pubic symphysis).

Many maternity belts only support one part of the pelvis; either the front or the back or just generally squeeze the entire pelvic ring (see photo). The Baby Belly Pelvic Support is capable of providing support exactly where YOU need it, for some this is in the front (pubic symphysis and low belly) and for others this is in the back (sacroiliac joints and low back).  Where you need support can change as your pregnancy advances, in some months you will find you need help at the front and in others at the back of your pelvis.


Price: $185 Canadian funds (shipping and country taxes are additional)

We have now completed our trial product period for the Baby Belly Pelvic Support and the discounted price is no longer available.


SIZING CHART (pant size)

Baby Belly Pelvic SupportUS/CANEUUKAUSJP


  • If you are in the first or early second trimester of your pregnancy and are on track to put on an average amount of pregnancy weight (25 pounds) then order the size according to your pre-pregnancy pant size.
  • If you are in the first or early second trimester of your pregnancy and know you will put on 40-60 pounds of pregnancy weight then order one size larger than your pre-pregnancy pant size.
  • If you don’t know then I don’t know how to help you!!!
  • If you are in the third trimester and really, really big - order the size up.
  • If you are in the third trimester and average size - order your pregnancy pant size.

This product is in two pieces and quite extensible (unlike pants) - do your best and if you receive it and try it on once and it is terribly wrong - contact us. As long as you don’t wear it we can exchange it for just the cost of shipping. BUT it has to be not worn, would you like to wear this product if someone else had worn it first? I don’t think so.

This is the best we can offer regarding sizing.

Purchase a Pelvic Support

Purchase your belt online here or view our list of distributors.

NOTE: belts are non-refundable


Product Help, Shipping and Tax Information

Contact for help

For any help regarding your purchase please contact us here or contact Carol Ingle by phone:
613-857-4485 (between 7:30am - 4:30pm Pacific Time)

Payment methods

We accept VISA and Mastercard for all online orders. Follow the instructions once you proceed to checkout. We do not accept COD deliveries or take purchase orders.

Where we ship

All products are shipped from South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We are able to ship world-wide and the shipping times and prices vary according to the type of shipping you choose. Note that surface mail is really, really slow - sometimes it takes months to get to Australia!


The pelvic support is a personal product and is not returnable, so be sure to order your correct size. When returning a product, the original shipping fees are not refundable.

U.S. Returns Instructions: Ship all returns prepaid, by insured Surface Mail (United States Postal Service). We will not accept returns from the United States that are sent via courier. Why? Because Customs would impose brokerage / duty fees on us as though we were accepting goods from a U.S. supplier.

Where applicable, please contact your local customs office for information about any taxes or duties that may be assessed on a return shipment. To avoid unnecessary delays, please write "Canadian Goods Returning" on the outside of the package.

If your order arrived damaged, please contact us and return it immediately. If the error is ours, you will not be charged for additional shipping costs. We will then re-send your new order at no cost to you.

Offline orders

If you are uncomfortable ordering products through the Internet, feel free to email us and we will phone you to arrange your order. Please advise us of good times to contact you. You may also call Carol at 613 422 5189 between 7:30am - 4:30pm (Pacific Time).

Delivery times & shipping details

Your order will be processed within 2-4 business days after receipt. There are some options for delivery and are limited to what Canada Post provides, please select carefully. US Expedited - please note that this does not mean "Fast" shipping, it means "Tracked and Insured" shipping. It takes the same amount of time to get to you as Small Packet Air. You are paying for the tracking and insurance when you choose US Expedited.


Taxes are calculated based on where products are shipped to, in addition to where they are ordered from. Orders shipped to Canadian addresses are charged 5% GST since Diane G. Lee Physiotherapist Corporation is registered in Canada and subjected to this tax. For international orders - we ship your product from Canada exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST - Canadian Tax). However, we cannot control nor influence your country's tax system and you may be charged additional fees upon delivery/receipt of your product according to your country's import duty taxes.

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  • Testimonial

    "During my second pregnancy, I really wanted to avoid the back pain I had with my first pregnancy and that is when I started wearing Diane's Baby Belly Pelvic Support. ... I started wearing it preventatively at 6 months to prevent my back form being a source of pain. It is a must for all pregnant women..."

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  • Testimonial

    "When Diane Lee fitted me with the Baby Belly Pelvic Support, the irritation I was having through my pelvis over the pubic symphysis and around my tailbone decreased. ... Thanks to this Belly Belt I was able to work and exercise comfortably until shortly before my delivery. I was able to end my day feeling great. Thanks Diane!"

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  • Testimonial

    "The Baby Belly Pelvic Support has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy. It provides much-needed support during daily necessities like household chores, walking the dog, and exercising: activities I had started to neglect due to back discomfort. I especially appreciate that it’s adjustable to where I need support…"

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